Enough is enough

We are allowing ourselves to become a sanitized society. The latest stupidity regarding the separation of Church and State involves the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol

In ‘Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” Tiny Tim delivers one of the famed lines in literature: “God bless us, every one!”

Along with “Bah, humbug,” it’s the story’s signature. There’s the Christmas setting along with some allusions to Christian ideals, but Tiny Tim’s blessing is the tale’s most overt reference to religion.

Yet that was too much for Lake Washington High School in Kirkland. Students were to see a staging of Dickens’ story on Dec. 17, but the principal has canceled it, in part because it raised the issue of religion in the public schools.

It only raises the issue with those looking for something to bitch about. The story isn’t overtly religious in content but instead focuses on morality, priorities, and wasted lives. It’s a story about hope, love and second chances. Okay so there are few references to Christian ideals but it’s hardly an altar call for conversion.
As a society we are losing touch with who we are and if the writer of the above article, himself an agnostic can see the dangerous territory we are traveling then so should the rest of us.

The motivation is always well-meaning: to keep religion from distressing anyone in the diverse public square.

As a secularist and agnostic who doesn’t subscribe to any particular religious doctrine, it’s a goal I support.

But even a lifelong doubter like me can see that something crucial is being lost, especially in the schools.

If kids can’t see a Charles Dickens play, hasn’t the cause of separating church and state gone too far?

Yes I do believe it has.

7 Responses to Enough is enough

  1. Masamune says:

    Its been said, that we shall be persecuted for his name. The name of Jesus evokes conviction. This is what I think many people today are afraid of. People seem to get all up in arms over arms with this issue, and yet what does the state have to fear from Christianity?

    There were two rules that are expected of us. Love and obey the Lord God and Love our neighbours as we would ourselves. I understand the need to secularize the state, but Thomas Jefferson never argued this. He did not say that the Chruch be seperated from the state, but that the state should be seperated from the Church. He said this to protect the chruch from the state, not the other way around.

    And yet, I’m reminded of the times. Many are willing to embrace Islam and learn more about it, and on the other hand, censure Christianity. Truly, this was written about 2000 years ago. The one options we do have here, is to turn the other cheek and fight the good fight.


  2. Pat in NC says:

    I appreciate your tolerance and wisdom in seeing that we deprive our children of much that is ovf value in seeing people celebrate their faith, whatever it may be. You are tolerant of my Christian faith and I am tolerant of whatever you choose to believe or disbelieve. Our country has functioned many years with the differences among us. We learn from others who do believe exactly as we do. I do not advocate a state religion but I strongly support leaders who have a conviction that they are not the all powerful, all knowing because there is a higher authority.I have had friends with very diverse backgrounds which help me understand the need for tolerance. We do need tolerance to flow both ways and right now it seems that groups like the ACLU only want tolerance for their agenda. This weakens us all.

  3. Keith says:

    How dare someone make mention of God during the CHRISTmas season!

    I’m not big into the end times stuff, but this out right hatred of the God of creation makes one wonder if the end times are not rapidly approcahing.

  4. Daisy says:


    “A Christmas Carol” is my favorite Christmas story. It’s the ultimate story about redemption. Those who would keep our kids from seeing it are so misguided.

    Hey, like the new look. You and those eyes. Scared me at first.

  5. If they ever re-opened the canon, I think A Christmas Carol would be a good candidate for inclusion (partly kidding). As a previous poster above has said, it is a great story of the power of redemption — dare I say repentance — that can be quite instructive for us all, even out of season. Earlier this week, I wrote a bit about this same story at my site. Oh, and I like your new look. :smile:

  6. RedFalcon says:

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody considering the humanism that has been thrust down our throats since the monkey trial. We must just be more vigilant and protective of our rights.

  7. Sherry says:

    fantastic comments you guys – thank you