Were we duped?

The Dread Pundit Bluto links to a story that seems to show that the story surrounding the removal of Mae Magouirk’s feeding tube to be false.

If that is true then shame on her nephew for exploiting her and those who were moved to action by his story in this heinous way.

Personally I hope the story surrounding Mae Magouirk and the feeding tube removal ends up being false even though that means I was duped as well. I don’t like thinking that her grand daughter could be as cold and callous as she has been portrayed. Nor do I like thinking that a judge could or would completely ignore the womans living will.

If we were mislead (and it seems as though we were) then we need to admit it (which I do) and take our lumps (fire away) but if we were not then this case will and should provoke a national debate regarding end of life issues.


This story has many twists and turns.

According to this site Mae Magouirk has been released from the hospice and has returned to the UAB Hospital for proper treatment. It also states that the opposition ( grand daughter?) is still fighting to have her legally returned to hospice care.

Regardless of which version ends up being the truth I hope that Mrs Magourik’s wishes will be the ones that ultimately prevail.

**One more thing
This is not directed at the site mentioned above, but to those who have lost sight of the true issue here.

I’d like to caution my fellow pro life advocates against the trend of labeling all hospice programs and workers as being partnered with the culture of death. One of the undeniable facts of being alive is that we all must eventually die. Hospice workers offer compassion and comfort to those at the end of their lives. There are plenty of unfortunate people that have no loving family members to hold their hands as they leave this world, hospice workers provide that gift. Lets not forget that.

One Response to Were we duped?

  1. Keith says:

    I also hope we were duped in that it would mean this woman was not suffering simply because of the whims of another person.