More than I can handle

Michelle Malkin has the tragic details on the downed helicopter in Iraq and deaths of the 11 civilians aboard.

I hate to have to say this but I think that that the story she points to at LGF concerning the cold heartedness of some of our fellow citizens to this news was even harder to read and to accept.

What happens to a person to make them this shallow and cold? These aren’t strangers, they are our neighbors, our co workers and sometimes our family and that is a scary thought.

8 Responses to More than I can handle

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  2. Eddie Dee says:

    These damned sons-of-bitches that shot down the helicopter, then murder IN COLD BLOOD an unarmed injured man, need to be found and exterminated.

    Perhaps it’s time for every red-blooded, true American patriot, to start every Arab national in this country. Yes, that’s wrong. But it’s things like this attack, and the nerve of the mother fuckers to video it, that provokes me to such intense anger.

    America, what do you say?

  3. Josh says:

    I understand your shock at the reactions you read on kos. That site is a depressing reminder of the hatred that is too pervasive in our world. When I am faced with such perversion of the human spirit, I’m glad we have something better to look forward to.

  4. Eddie Dee says:

    … Don’t know what happened in my post, but an entire section vanished! What that second paragraph was supposed to say was …

    Perhaps it’s time for every red-blooded, true American patriot, to start to take back our country from these Islamic radicals that live here and spew their propaganda. Maybe we should just capture, torture, and shoot every Arab national in this country.

  5. sherry says:

    You are more angry at them? They sicken me as well but my real anger is directed at the so called American soulless filth that celebrated these deaths.

  6. Eddie Dee says:

    You have to think about both of these pathetic groups. While the un-patriotic bastards that sanction – whether by comission or omission – this action are deplorable, the ragheads that performed this action and all their ‘friends’ are the ones that I am most angry toward. The jerks that verbalize these un-American ideas are nothing more than mere children that are ignorant of the truth around them. I liken them to a man who has been locked in a room all his life and never exposed to the real world. When they do get exposed to it they regress back into the only reality they know.

    But the ‘insurgents’ that kill and mame for sport are the ones that need to be totally exterminated. And that includes those that are on our own soil. If Mr. “The Deserved It” wants to be a part of the ones that he supports, i.e. the raghead brigade, then he will find himself on the losing end of a nice military issue M-16.

    I don’t oppose those who have misguided intentions, and I can control my anger toward those who are trying to do nothing more than stir up dissention. But I have NO sympathy or compassion toward those that kill innocent, unarmed men.

  7. Bert says:

    “But I have NO sympathy or compassion toward those that kill innocent, unarmed men.”

    You have no sympathy for American soldiers in Iraq?

  8. sherry says:

    Wow Bert, You’re clever did you come up with that all by yourself?