NATO headed to Darfur?

At the moment NATO is pondering a request by the African Union to send forces into Darfur.

Nato said the AU – whose troops monitor a fragile truce between Darfur rebels, government forces and pro-government militias – is seeking logistical help.

Nato ambassadors agreed “exploratory talks” should begin, a spokesman said.

I find it difficult to accept that NATO is only now exploring the possiblity of action. You would think that plans had already been drawn up, ideas expressed and details fully ironed out just incase such a request would come.

The official statement is that 180,000. people have been killed in the past two years and well over one million driven from their homes, but some say the totals may in truth be much higher.

The time for pondering is over

One Response to NATO headed to Darfur?

  1. I’m all for action in the Sudan (see my latest post on conserva-puppies) but ground troops are not the answer. 1) the country is absolutely enormous 2) we don’t have the logistics (the Europeans are especially lacking here) and 3) airpower can do the job.

    Unfortunately, even air power would be largely a US operation as the Europeans do not have the refuling capability to hit Sudan (though they do have a few carriers) .

    But I quibble over details. Your larger point, that something must be done and that NATO has been AWOL, is dead on right.

    Thank you for helping to keep this in the news.