Red and Blue French People?

Is it just me or does anyone else see a little irony at work in France at the moment? As it looks now 53% of the voters plan to vote a big fat NO on the EU constitution, and Chirac always the poster child of the international left plans to completely ignore the voters pretending as though they and their vote don’t exist.

If this goes down as predicted should we soon expect the division of France based on red and blue? Will there suddenly be vicious characterizations of half the population as ignorant and illiterate?

OOO maybe there will be posters stating “How Can 53% of France Be So Stupid?”


“I’m Sorry EU, It Wasn’t My Fault

Half Of Us Wanted To Give Up Our Sovranty


As Soon As We Can, We Will!”

One Response to Red and Blue French People?

  1. maxim says:

    No matter what the french poeple vote this contitution will never pas anyway, plus nobody knows whats in it.