Morons in our midst

I’m having trouble finding the words to describe how sickening I find this article from the Huffington Post’s Mark Joseph.

Mr Joseph is calling for Democrats to rethink their pro abortion platform, not because we are talking about the sancity of life, and not because of the risk abortion poses to women’s health, But instead because "millions of future Democratic voters aren’t making
it past the second trimester in higher numbers than their Republican counterparts."

What else has to happen before Democrats throw this issue out the window and get back to winning elections?

If I were Howard Dean I’d do more than have the party platform go neutral on this subject. I’d offer each Democratic couple that brings a child to term a check for $500.

Otherwise, if these WSJ guys are right, in about 50 years there aren’t going to be any blue states left.

If Mr Joseph really wants to figure out what’s causing blue states to turn red, he need look no further than his own words through which he proves that far too many liberals lack morals, values and sadly humanity.

2 Responses to Morons in our midst

  1. Keith says:

    He, perhaps unknowingly, has admitted that Dems/Libs are more likely to murder their child in the womb then are Repubs/Conservatives.

  2. Kevin says:

    He doesn’t need to worry. There are plenty of future Democrats being foaled at a record pace without the payment of a single dollar. Of course, Mr. Joseph, and the rest of us for that matter, better habla Espanol so we’ll be able to understand them when they grow up and take control of the country.