Feasting on Rove

Every now and again I’ll get an email from someone who doesn’t appreciate my views or what I choose to write about or what I choose to not write about.

This morning’s emailer has taken issue with the fact that I have “ignored” the Karl Rove story.

I’ve noticed that you have remained mum on Rove’s crimes against the Nation. I’d think someone like you who claims to be so very pro national security would be outraged and demanding justice, but I suppose that’s too much to ask from a partisan such as yourself.

That’s a bit harsh. Look I don’t like this story, I think it’s sleazy and it seems to me that there is something right funky going on with all of this. But until the investigation is finished and evidence is presented that Karl Rove indeed committed a crime I’m not going to join in any outcry demanding his head. Until that time I assure you he is getting stern looks directed at him from me for what part he has readily admitted too.

By the way did I mention that it seems there is something right funky going on here?

Sources who have reviewed some of the testimony before the grand jury say there is significant evidence that reporters were in some cases alerting officials about Plame’s identity and relationship to Wilson — not the other way around.

You know it could possibly be that the journalists themselves are feeding this frenzy in an attempt to cover their own culpable butts.

But as I said I’ll with hold judgement until the facts are clear.

2 Responses to Feasting on Rove

  1. Kevin says:

    Sorry, I must have misunderstood the fact that this was YOUR blog and YOU got to pick the topics that interested you on which to post. I didn’t understand that it was some talentless troll with no readership of his or her own who got to make that call. I’m glad that your clueless correspondent cleared all that up for us.

  2. Robert says:

    Translation: “I am hysterical over this, why aren’t you?”

    Once again, based on the fact that Novak told ROVE who plame was, the left went off the deep end without any facts. Now they are all going to have egg on their faces after having alienated yet ANOTHER large group of the voting public from their party.