Sixteen Thousand Apostates Per Day

16,000 apostates per day


5 Responses to Sixteen Thousand Apostates Per Day

  1. UH2L says:

    Interesting, but the problem I have with many religions is that they think of faith as a popularity contest. What about the degree of faith somebody has in a particular religion? And does it really matter anyway since I don’t think there are separate individual Gods for different religions. If there were, then I could create a new religion tomorrow and I would be creating a new God that nobody else believed in.

  2. sherry says:

    wouldn’t you say that converting when the act of conversion itself is punishable by death, to be the ultimate testament to the believers faith?

  3. Atul says:

    Good point. One could look at it that way or as if the person was never a true believer in Islam to begin with.

    As an analogy, when it comes to sports, I always say no matter where I move or go to school, I will always be a Cleveland/Ohio State fan. If I ever change loyalties, then I was never truly a fan to begin with.

  4. Kevin says:

    One of many effects of the explosive growth of Catholicism in the Southern Hemisphere (Protestantism – particularly evangelical Protestantism – is also growing explosively in Africa and South America) is that the issues for which the “liberal wing” of the Church in the Northern Hemisphere has been pushing so hard since Vatican II appear to be on their way to the back burner. African and South American Christians oppose change in current Catholic Church doctrine on gays, the ordination of women priests, relaxing the vow of priestly celibacy, gutting the power of the Vatican, etc. Christianity is likely to grow more, not less, traditional and conservative just as Islam’s own wave of fundamentalism seems to be growing.

  5. sherry says:

    and steadily marching towards the inevitable clash of civilizations?