of fact and speculation

Every now and again I get an email from some irrate person demanding to know why I haven’t posted on a particular news story. Often these mails are accompanied by links to msm articles supporting the emailer’s point of outrage.

(Well excuse me for being a bit on the busy side these days. I apologize profusely, truly I do.)

Todays outraged emailer points to this article at the BBC regarding another alleged massacre of 11 civilians by U.S. Marines in the town of Ishaqi. Just like the alleged massacre at Haditha which I have also not posted about, this incident is under investigation and the results have not yet been made public.

I said I’ve been busy not dead so of course I have heard about both items. But with all due respect I choose to wait until the investigations are completed and the facts are laid out before I go into an acceptable rage.

I’m not exactly certain what it is that my emailer would like me to say on the matter as I was not there and can not add anything new or relevant to the discussion.

Like any other human being I am horrified by these deaths regardless of the circumstances surrounding them and if it should turn out that either of these incidents were deliberate unprovoked acts of murder then of course I want those who bare the guilt to be punished to the extreme.

My emailer should know and if he comes back here he will be sure to know that even if the worst case scenario turns out to be the absolute truth, it changes nothing about my support for the war or for our soldiers. I believe the war was sadly necessary and our soldiers deserve more support and respect than they receive.

I really do wish that he ( the emailer) like so many others in our country could find the same outrage that they have towards these few soldiers for Saddam Hussein every time another mass grave is unearthed or act of torture or murder is revealed, or for the insurgents every time another bomb explodes and innocents are blown apart and if they can’t find it there how about conjuring up some for every child rape victim who is executed in Iran and every blogger who is jailed in Egypt, Iran or China for speaking out.

There is plenty going on in this world to be horrified and outraged about so try spreading it around a bit instead of leveling it all at the safest target you can find. After all there is nothing brave about speaking out against something or someone you know can’t or won’t hurt you for doing so.

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  1. Fedup says:

    I think you are doing just fine.

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  2. Don’t let the trolls get you down, Sherri.

    They’re just trying to bait you. Give them an inch and they’ll think they own your blog. You post what you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.