Iran growing nervous?

NY Times

No matter how this conflict is resolved, Iranian officials already see their strategic military strength diminished, said the policy experts, former officials and one official with close ties to the highest levels of government. Even if a cease-fire takes hold, and Hezbollah retains some military ability, a Lebanese public eager for peace may act as a serious check.

In the past, Iran believed that Israel might pause before attacking it because they would assume Hezbollah would assault the northern border. If Hezbollah emerges weaker, or restrained militarily because of domestic politics, Iran feels it may be more vulnerable.

lets hope so

3 Responses to Iran growing nervous?

  1. The Game says:

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  2. Keith says:

    We may find out Aug 22nd just how nervous they are…
    or how nuts they are.

  3. sherry says:

    yeah I’ve been reading about that but I’m not quite sure what to think at this point.