For your enjoyment

Heres a new poem from Russ Vaughn

Electile Dysfunction

It’s abundantly clear and I charge without fear

Nor the slightest degree of compunction,

Proven night after night both on left and on right,

Our media have electile dysfunction.

While hoping to score they’ve become such a bore

With their overdone, nonstop production.

So we’re starting to balk at their unending talk;

We’re weary of endless seduction.

The hooray and hearsay, the pestering foreplay

Their tempting has lost its direction;

It will be with some glee when we actually see

The media finally get an election.

2 Responses to For your enjoyment

  1. Kevin says:

    Russ sums it up nicely, at least for many of us. There’s a whole different “feel” to this election than the last time around, isn’t there?

    Btw, are you back in the saddle for good, or is this post merely one ride around the arena for old time’s sake?

  2. Sherry says:

    I’m working on it Kevin