young girls and tender hearts

I’m calling BS on this statement. ” Taylor Swift annoys the ___ out of me. She looks like a mangy stray kitten and she can’t even sing”

So sad, you just didn’t get it because you’ve forgotten how it feels.

What I saw was pure genius and she nailed it. She played that just as any young girl myself included at that age felt when sitting alone trying to express how you feel about that boy daddy says is a loser and all your friends hate.

I don’t own one Taylor Swift cd and I never will because she belongs to the young girls and that’s how it should be. But I can’t help thinking “You go girl” whenever I see her perform.
I have several nieces, two have kept that goofy enthusiasm for love and life that Taylor Swift captures so well while the others are already so much more cynical and bitter than women twice their age who’ve earned the scars to justify it.

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3 Responses to young girls and tender hearts

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ll respectfully disagree re: Ms. Taylor, albeit she seems like a sweet kid and definitely looks better than a “mangy stray kitten.” I think that while she’s a clever songwriter, her singing voice definitely benefits from Auto-tune. Grace Potter, on the other hand, sitting on a stool in a short skirt, made my breath come in short pants, and we both agree she can sing up a storm.

  2. Sherry says:

    That’s because you are a horn dog.
    ..kidding, I doubt we disagree as much as you think. It’s not really her voice I was praising

  3. Kevin says:

    Your kidding speaks truth to horn dogs.