does God want us to laugh?

I think he does, in fact I think he wishes we would do it more often because then maybe we could let go of all the garbage that drags us down.

Over the weekend I was privileged to witness an exchange between my mom and her youngest grandson who has been away at college.   Already knowing the answer when Grandma asks grandson what he has been doing since she last saw him I decide to steer the conversation in a how shall we say unexpected way.

Grandson tells her about his classes etc and I say to him “why don’t you tell her where you were Thursday night?”He shot daggers at me with his eyes.

Grandma -“where were you?”

grandson -“I went to a play”

Grandma – “which play”

grandson – “it was called in the next room”

Grandma – ” did you enjoy it?”

Grandson – “no it was stupid”

I’m trying to keep a straight face, because I know the next question she will ask, and I think I know how he will handle it.

Grandma -” what was it about?”

grandson -“um, um well um” (grandson never backs away from a challenge and with a gleam in his eye he plows forward)

grandson ” it’s about the doctor who invented the first vibrator and why he believed it was necessary”

My mother was horrified,  My 13 year old niece who was also present is laughing and so am I

Mom though she’s not amused, she asks him if he got up and walked out when he realized what was going on. He tells her no and explains that he couldn’t without climbing over people. Then he tells her he also didn’t want to make commotion which might cause the naked people on the stage to turn full face to the audience.

Her face went completely white and in her most serious tone she says

“young man what would do if Jesus had walked in there?”

and without missing a beat he looks at her and says


That was it she was a goner, she couldn’t hold back no matter how hard she tried and she did try. She broke out in laughter with tears running down her face.

It was a beautiful thing to see

Later she told me that this little exchange had changed the course of her day. When she had sat down at that table she was burdened with some sadness about something else, but he made her forget it and when she remembered it later that it didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

I told her that sometimes laughing is like a good detox and cleansing program to which her response was to screw up her face and tell me that I’m a bad influence on the kids.

Really? I asked,  No she said you are not.

She’s  worried about what he is learning at that school. I imagine he’s learning exactly what she saw. That it’s ok to laugh and it’s especially ok to laugh at people who think they are so superior in intellect as to believe that anyone needed to see that nonsense.

“Perhaps the mission of those who love mankind is to make people laugh at the truth, to make truth laugh, because the only truth lies in learning to free ourselves from insane passion for the truth.”
– The Name of the Rose, Seventh Day, Night




7 Responses to does God want us to laugh?

  1. alabama-lawman28 says:

    FUNNY! story and woman. I’m hooked – grins

  2. Sherry says:

    Having fun?

  3. alabama-lawman28 says:

    Woman I AM trying. If I knew that I made you smile it’d be perfection

  4. Sherry says:

    sheesh all this sweet talk is gonna give me the diabetes!

  5. alabama-lawman28 says:

    LOL!!!!! you remind me of kelly picklers song tough

  6. Sherry says:

    Ok you win you made me laugh

    “you aint fooling me much, you’re justa hanging around so you can try your luck – well tough”

    did you think that through eh?

    I have to go but thank you for the entertaining convo.

  7. alabama-lawman28 says:

    LOL I forgot that line! Have a good one ;)