Drowning the American Dream

Drowning the American Dream

He stands at the podium and smiles and waves. Hey Mr President we aren’t waving at you. We are drowning here!

“I always believed I could use my back and my hands to make a living and provide for my family, but the way things are now I’m not so sure anymore” These words were said to me by a friend the other night and they shook me more than I realized at the time. This friend is also in the construction business but on a much larger scale than our little family business. The reason they affected me so much is because this friend is whom I count on to keep my spirits up when they start to slip.
This was unexpected worry from the one that gives me encouragement and advice. Do whatever you have to keep the business open. Take any job no matter how small or perhaps demeaning. Just survive because if you can survive this unfriendly business environment you can survive anything. If you can survive then you will be in the position to grow and expand after the elections.

I believed this. This is how I saw things. If we get our guy in here we can counter their guy over there. I believed if we focus on the elections, winning the Presidency and taking the Senate we can start to fix this. I don’t kid myself about the massive amount of pain and work we will have to go through but I believed if we keep our eye on the prize it can be done. But I find myself wondering now if we haven’t missed a large part of the bigger picture.

There is a mindset of entitlement, victimization and nihilism that is spreading like a cancer. It makes me question what next? Even if we win every election how do we change this mindset?

Unemployment over 8% nationally. Over taxed, over regulated, burdened with the new Healthcare bill. Business is taking a huge hit.

However knowing all of this didn’t stop a sitting member of our Senate from calling for a boycott against an American company that employs 10’s of thousand of workers, for the unpardonable sin of having a different political view.

It didn’t stop two elected officials from openly speaking about banning a company from expanding into their cities because they didn’t like the religious views of the company’s founder.

I have another friend who has his own conservative Internet radio show. We spent some time on the phone the other night bouncing around ideas about a project and talking about the issues that we face as a country. He directed my attention to another media personality Tony Katz whose name but not work I was familiar with. I decided the next morning to go check out what this guy had to say. What I found on his site just increased my anxiety about what a mess lies before us

Mr Katz had attended the Americans For Prosperity “Unicorns and Freedom” rally in Reno, NV where he encountered several Occupy Reno protesters. The protestors seem to take issue with Businessman and former Presidential candidate Herman Cain. Please listen carefully to the damaged logic this young man is spewing.

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If that’s not enough for you try this one that I found after I heard Mr Katz mentioned it on his show.


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Did you catch that? The company is a dictatorship because they decide the menu, the pay and the hours you work. Oh no! if they think you aren’t doing the job you were hired to do they actually fire you.

The attitude towards business is only a small part of the problems we will be forced to confront regardless of who wins this upcoming election. When there is open contempt for the very things we used to hold sacred we have a serious problem. One that I’m not certain we have a clue how to fix.

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