So sayeth O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is pretty annoying and usually I avoid him at all costs but I like this article so today he gets to be quoted.

Christmas haters have an agenda

“Christmas with the Kranks” is not only the name of a holiday movie this year, it is also a national trend. Once again, Christmas is under siege by the growing forces of secularism.

Surveys show that more than 90% of Americans celebrate the federal holiday of Christmas, signed into law by President Ulysses Grant in 1870. Despite that overwhelming number, Christmas continues to get hammered.

The anti-Christmas forces say it’s all about diversity, protecting the sensitivities of those Americans who get offended by the mere mention of the birth of Jesus. Somehow I haven’t been able to locate any of these folks who find a baby in a manger so off-putting it ruins their day.

So the diversity excuse is a bunch of bull. What’s really going on is a well-organized movement to wipe out any display of organized religion from the public arena.

The secular-progressive movement knows that it is organized religion, most specifically Christianity and Judaism, that stands in the way of gay marriage, partial birth abortion, legalized narcotics, euthanasia and many other secular causes. If religion can be de-emphasized, a brave new progressive society can be achieved.

I’ve never understood the “not to offend” argument, and I don’t see how Nativity scenes and Christmas hymns can be offensive to anyone. Being offended by someone else’s religion is just ridiculous and I seriously doubt most people are.

I’ve never felt bullied by the sight of a Menorah nor have I ever felt compelled to call in the ACLU whenever I’ve heard that little song about the dreidel. The celebration of Kwanzaa doesn’t send me into hiding. I don’t even get all fussed over Muslim holidays so long as there are no threats of a terrorist attack at the same time. So how is it that the celebration of Christmas is so offensive?

I understand that the goal is to wipe out all religion from the public eye, but what I don’t get is why. As O’Reilly said the “diversity excuse” is a bunch of bull. We are not robots all created from the same mold and the majority of us do have the ability and the willingness to appreciate and respect our cultural differences.

Lately I’ve been flipping back and forth on how I feel about this issue. Some days I feel only despair that this trend towards making us all the same is irreversible. Other days I feel hopeful because “we the people” are talking and complaining and stomping our feet in defiance, and that makes me proud of us as a nation.

We don’t have to lose ourselves but we may have to start yelling instead of talking and we may have to start stomping our feet quite a bit harder. (making sure to step on a few Christmas hater’s toes as we do)

** Update
Check out Christianophobia by Pat Buchanan ( an equally well stated article on the same subject)

3 Responses to So sayeth O’Reilly

  1. harry says:

    In this period, in Italy, we are talking about the same thing. In many schools, teachers have removed the word “Jesus” from Christmas songs, not to disturb Muslim children. In many other schools Nativity Scenes (an ancient Italian tradition) have been banned. So, Christmas has been changed into a commercial holiday, without God.

  2. jeff says:

    The whole idea is ridiculous. Public celebrations of Xmas having nothing to do with establishing a state religion. But then, the ACLU has nothing to do with protecting the Constitution

  3. Sherry says:

    It’s really gotten out of hand and we need to fight it.