Stellar Work

Masamune is one of the most talented essayists in the blogosphere. Todays post An Understanding Of Arab Hate is another notch in his flawless body of work.

Mr. Ajami believes that Anti-Americanism indulges France’s fantasy of past greatness and splendor and gives France’s unwanted Muslim children a claim on the political life of a country that knows not what to do with them. As to many in the Middle East, I tend to agree with his sentiments: “These are people who are envious. To them, life is an unbearable burden. Modernism is the only way out. But modernism is frightening. It means we have to compete. It means we can’t explain everything away with conspiracy theories. In this, he quotes Bernard Shaw regarding the preface to ‘St. Joan,’ he said “Joan of Arc was burned not for any reason except that she was talented. Talent gives rise to jealousy in the hearts of the untalented.” For those who cling to Anti-Americanism as a means of understanding this hate – I would simply ask you this, why do you use hate to understand hate? Perhaps its true – when reasoning with this ilk, I must use another scale.

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  1. Masamune says:

    Thank-You for your kind words. I didn’t mean to turn this into a series, but its turning into that. I’ve posted part 2.

  2. Sherry says:

    and it’s as impressive as part 1.

    * by the way, I’ve posted about you on A Western Heart

  3. Masamune says:

    Your words are too kind. Thank-you.


  4. d says:

    it is just horrible, that so called adults can pervert children thus, recollecting also Nazi, Soviet regimes and, today , for example, Castro. But this even exceeds, presenting murder and suicide bombing as a delight to children and a day they must look forward to, the day when they walk with a bomb strapped to them to blow not only adults but other children. In Victoria, Australia, you can now be convicted of crininal offence for writing about what is actually be committed, as Mr.Masamune eloquently has.

    It is horrid, , unspeakably so, that the parents of children subjected to such brainwashing are immediatley complict in it, are content to let their children be so actually perverted by adults who cannot but be monsters. For a parent to allow their children to be thus brainwashed, and to entertain the joysou innocence of childhood to be swept away for no reason but the commission of great evil is something I will not attempt to even penetrate, for just the consideration , reading about it, makes the stomach twist and wrench.