More Masamune magic

In Part 3 of his series Foreign Devils: An understanding of Arab Hate Masa takes on the House of Saud and the role they have played in promoting Arab hatred towards the west.

Gazing inward towards a pool of thought, a pebble breaks the stillness – shattering the lucid mirage, that once was the esteemed House of Saud. There was a time, when the Western Powers allied themselves to the Saudi Royal Family, because of the kingdom’s vast oil reserves and willingness to use its production capacity to ensure moderate and stable world oil prices. In return, these Western Powers would share in the task of protecting its primary assets – namely its oil and of course the Saudi Family. This arrangement however, has accrued severe collateral damage in recent years – that must be redressed. Specifically, the sponsorship of Wahhabism and of global terror.

But what kind of animus would the Saudi Family have towards the United States – its benefactor? The truth of the matter, is as I believe – a crumbling excuse that has inadvertently birthed an empty hate into the Arab World. Let me explain first with an old Arab Proverb, “It is good to know the truth, but it is better to speak of palm trees” – In this we can better understand the Saudi Position.

I wouldn’t dare add to this already flawless piece of work so treat yourself and go read it all.

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  1. d says:

    Saud-China-Russia-Wahhabism – ominous, in view of the Russian Govt’s retreat into autarchy, weapons programme aimed at the U.S. and the resurrection of Stalin. That only leaves North korea. In between, the E.U., the French Govt’s support for the arab–muslim national fascists and, things do not look good at all.