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Love me some Steampunk. artwork by Cris Ortega

Ex MachinaEx Machina

Never after

“Once upon a time, a wish, a promise of eternal love. A smile, a lie, a last kiss, and a simple ‘wait for me’. ‘Till death do us part’, you said, and Death will part us for sure. But to hold from that day forward, my enslaved soul was left down. And I hear the

Never AfterNever After

The sound of her wings

I’m going to be posting some Chris Ortega artwork here because I am so blown away by it. Artwork featuring the popular character Death of The Sandman series of Neil Gaiman.

The sound of her wingsThe sound of her wings

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French Bank Robbers

More skullduggery from the morally superior French Troops ‘robbed Ivory Coast bank Twelve French peacekeepers are due to be charged with stealing money from a bank in Ivory Coast, which they were supposed to be guarding last year. Some allegedly


As predicted French voters have said no to the EU constitution. It should be interesting to see where this vote will lead France and the European Union.

Red and Blue French People?

Is it just me or does anyone else see a little irony at work in France at the moment? As it looks now 53% of the voters plan to vote a big fat NO on the EU constitution, and Chirac

Pre-emptive Surrender part duex

Back in October I posted about a French education report that was met with protest because it called for all French students to learn English. Continuing with this theme I picked up on a story over at Moonbat Central which

Whine and Cheese part duex

If all else fails play the Anti America card Chirac: ‘No’ vote on E.U. benefits U.S. PARIS, April 14 (UPI) — A “no” vote to the European Constitution would weaken the EU and benefit the United States, warned French President

France and Rwanda

The story that won’t go away yet no one seems to care about. By BBC BBC | April 8, 2005 Aloys Mutabingwa, a representative at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, said the court had heard enough evidence of France’s

Stellar Work

Masamune is one of the most talented essayists in the blogosphere. Todays post An Understanding Of Arab Hate is another notch in his flawless body of work. Mr. Ajami believes that Anti-Americanism indulges France’s fantasy of past greatness and splendor