Ex Machina

Love me some Steampunk. artwork by Cris Ortega

Ex MachinaEx Machina

Never after

“Once upon a time, a wish, a promise of eternal love. A smile, a lie, a last kiss, and a simple ‘wait for me’. ‘Till death do us part’, you said, and Death will part us for sure. But to hold from that day forward, my enslaved soul was left down. And I hear the

Never AfterNever After

The sound of her wings

I’m going to be posting some Chris Ortega artwork here because I am so blown away by it. Artwork featuring the popular character Death of The Sandman series of Neil Gaiman.

The sound of her wingsThe sound of her wings

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Well honestly

Researchers have discovered that the human brain may still be evolving … hmm maybe there is hope for Nancy Pelosi after all. Well honestly, that woman would be right at home on an episode of the Jerry Springer show.

The Repulsive United Nations

If we ever really held the United Nations accountable, this would be utterly indefensible. New York Sun The United Nations bankrolled the production of thousands of banners, bumper stickers, mugs, and T-shirts bearing the slogan “Today Gaza and Tomorrow the

Christian Doctors Under Fire

Christian doctors are in federal court to defend their right to refuse to provide abortions and abortion referrals. The Alliance Defense Fund and the Christian Legal Society filed a motion to intervene Thursday in San Francisco in a lawsuit brought

Catching Rapists?

This is probably the strangest article I’ve ever read. A rape victim once wished for teeth “where it mattered”. Now a device has been designed to “bite” a rapist’s penis. The patented device looks and is worn like a tampon,

Pot Smokers

This is one of those issues that I just don’t get, it’s also one that often gets me accused of not really being a conservative. Court: Patients May Not Use Pot Legally People who smoke marijuana because their doctors recommend

Brazil turns down US Aids funds

Shame on the U.S.A for once again trying to kill a disease at it’s root instead of just treating the symptoms. Aids campaigners have welcomed a decision by Brazil to turn down US funds because of a clause in the

Were we duped?

The Dread Pundit Bluto links to a story that seems to show that the story surrounding the removal of Mae Magouirk’s feeding tube to be false. If that is true then shame on her nephew for exploiting her and those