Ex Machina

Love me some Steampunk. artwork by Cris Ortega

Ex MachinaEx Machina

Never after

“Once upon a time, a wish, a promise of eternal love. A smile, a lie, a last kiss, and a simple ‘wait for me’. ‘Till death do us part’, you said, and Death will part us for sure. But to hold from that day forward, my enslaved soul was left down. And I hear the

Never AfterNever After

The sound of her wings

I’m going to be posting some Chris Ortega artwork here because I am so blown away by it. Artwork featuring the popular character Death of The Sandman series of Neil Gaiman.

The sound of her wingsThe sound of her wings

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America is calling

That’s the point

WSJ – Steny Hoyer slams Rick Perry’s proposal for a part time congress. “Is this a serious proposal he’s making for a country that has very high unemployment, who’s budget deficit is larger than it’s ever been in history, which

2nd committee to investigate “Fast and Furious”

Daily Caller Connecticut independent Sen. Joe Lieberman has directed the staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, which he chairs, to investigate miscommunication between law enforcement agencies related to the Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious.

Up up up

H. Res. 490 now has 90 co-sponsors Attorney General Eric Holder’s list of Operation Fast and Furiouscritics has grown over the past several days, as four more have signed on to a resolution of “no confidence” in him. Track this

H. Res. 490 A Resolution Of No Confidence In AG Eric Holder

Call or write your Representatives to support H. Res. 490 A resolution of no confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder   ( 80 co sponsors so far) via Congressman Paul Gosar The link to the resolution keeps disappearing so I’ll paste

wish I could be there

True The Vote rally in Austin Texas to protest Eric Holder, Dec 13th   J Christian Adams of Big Hollywood has a wonderful breakdown of our esteemed Attorney General You have a First Amendment right to petition your government for